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6 Surprising Factors That Make Men Insecure6 Surprising Factors That Make Men Insecure

His penis size and his hairline aren't all he’s worried about. Dirty Harry didn’t give a damn whether you liked his tweed sui [ ... ]

Structural Repairs To Keep Mice Out Of Your House

Structural Repairs To Keep Mice Out Of Your House ...

Rodents such as rats, squirrels and mice can cause significant problems for houses and apartments. Older urban buildings are part [ ... ]

British man becomes first person to visit all 201 countries... WITHOUT using a plane

British man becomes first person to visit all 201 ...

* Graham Hughes, 33, used buses, taxis, trains and his own two feet to travel 160,000 miles in exactly 1,426 days - all on a shoes [ ... ]

Scientists Discover Gene That Suggests We Inherit Adultery From Our ParentsScientists Discover Gene That Suggests We Inherit ...

While cheating spouses who get caught are never short of excuses, scientists may have just given them another one after research [ ... ]

The Croatian Woman Who Sat Dead in Front of Her TV for 42 YearsThe Croatian Woman Who Sat Dead in Front of Her TV...

The remains of a woman were found sitting in front of her TV – 42 years after she was reported missing. Hedviga Golik, who was b [ ... ]

Once in million years: Comet buzzing Mars on SunOnce in million years: Comet buzzing Mars on Sun

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — The heavens are hosting an event this weekend that occurs once in a million years or so. A comet as [ ... ]

The Joys and Benefits of HomeschoolingThe Joys and Benefits of Homeschooling

  My daughter is turning four next month, and a lot of people are asking me if she’s in school already. For me it’s a stra [ ... ]

Recipe #12 Pork EmbutidoRecipe #12 Pork Embutido

PAUNANG SALITA Ang embutido ay Filipino version ng meatloaf. Kilala ito bilang handa tuwing Pasko at kung may mga pagsasalosalo [ ... ]

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  • chixz shared a photo.
    9 hours 5 minutes ago

    good morning! Sarap mag agahan… hehehe \ngod bless everyone. - feeling blessed

  • sweetierose shared a photo.
    11 hours 4 minutes ago


  • Dj Heart is friends with Hoha
  • Hoha shared a photo.
    14 hours 11 minutes ago

    how are you rknian's wordlwide? happy listening to dj onboard.

  • Hoha
    14 hours 13 minutes ago

  • chixz shared a photo.

    good morning world… pag sunday off work halos lahat. kaya naman tamang tama para sa kainang kamayang pinoy! tara budol fights nah! Sarap Mo Babe… - feeling blessed

  • sweetierose is friends with chixz
  • Dj Heart
    3 days ago

    DR. SWEETHEART Tomee Tambay
    Tune in just CLICK the following link and be CONNECTED:
    Best Online Radio Station playing OPM Songs ..
    HERE's How:
    1. Our Website :
    2. Available on the Apple App Store and Android App Store
    a. For APPLE APPS STORE search Tunein.
    Click this link and download :
    Click and Install :…
    3. You can listen thru STREEMA :…

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I sooo love it,Nasaan ka mang sulok ng mundo basta may Radyo Kabayan kang kasama, para ka na ring nasa tabi ng mga mahal mo sa buhay...Kaya don't think twice guyzz...just download the App and listen to the beautiful music of RK...Don't forget the Holistically Yours of DJ Sunshine its 9-12 noon pinas time...Thank you DJSting for your making this station and connecting all Filipinos around the world...Keep it up!!!
...Liebe Michelle, Germany

The BeSt online radio station I give 5stars to Rk,,so much fun in radyo kabayan.enjoy opm music on the go! Solid Rknians.. (Blazing Angels group) DOWNLOAD NOW!!! :)
...Jurich Martinez

5x1k stars for djstingray!! No.1 always. More power to you and to all rk show!! God bless you all.
...Mabel Sion i love diz station :) super rate 10000%
...Rosana Mae Angelia Pensona

I love radyoKBYN .. grEetings frOm switzerlanD
...Juday Sangilan, Switzerland

Nice !! Ang galing mo Francis !! Superb !!
...simon velasco

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