Businessman shares how Axie Infinity has become his lifeline amid challenging times

AT THE age of 30, businessman Nathan Ocampo has gone full circle. He has had his share of life’s ups and downs—sweet victories that came from sheer determination, resourcefulness and hard work were matched by bitter failures brought by the inevitable circumstances and his nature to be too trusting in people.

Ocampo’s modest childhood pushed him to learn basic entrepreneurial skills selling pastillas to classmates just to earn extra “baon.” Being the second of three children of hardworking, middle-income parents, he emerged a successful entrepreneur shortly after graduating from college.

At the age of 22, he got employed by a franchising company. It served as a life-changing immersion into his passion for business. He eventually earned substantial amounts as commission from signing up franchisees—an opportunity that opened the door for his assured success.

In 2017, he put up his own franchising business and succeeded in making his own franchise empire. But the Covid-19 pandemic hit the industry in 2020, not sparing his portfolio of franchise businesses. Worse, a business partner scammed him at the same time, almost leaving him at the brink of total bankruptcy.

An investment paying off

Fortunately, Ocampo had invested into Axie Infinity before he almost lost everything. “I almost lost hope until I was surprised to learn that my investment grew,” he recalled.

In just a year and a half, his investment into Axie Infinity has grown to a significant seven-digit figure—more than enough to save his franchising businesses and turn the tide.

Ocampo is keeping and managing a team of Axie Infinity scholars, or dedicated and passionate players who raise and train “digital pets” (more like the real-world versions of Tamagotchi and Pokemon). As a manager, he keeps a bootcamp where the scholars have in-house training, and shoulders each of the players’ expenses. In return, the manager earns an agreed-upon commission from the digital pets’ earnings.

Currently, Ocampo manages about 100 players and keeps a bootcamp that houses about 10 scholars at a time. “We’re like a family in the team and I serve as their life mentor,” he said.

Business and passion

Axie Infinity is a combination of business and passion. It fosters players to hone their self-control, patience and skills in mobile gaming. On the business side, the platform is like a real stock market—rewards earned are converted into digital coins or “SLPs,” which in turn can be converted into cryptocurrency that can be transferred as funds into bank accounts. The value of SLPs vary just like how share prices fluctuate in the business trading market.

“That’s where the monetary side of Axie Infinity sets in. A lot of investors into the game have been turning into instant millionaires doing what they like most—playing games and supporting fellow players,” revealed another Axie Infinity investor.

For Ocampo, Axie Infinity now serves as another passion project for personal and professional reasons. “I owe it to Axie Infinity for saving me. I am also glad to provide opportunities to players especially those who lost their jobs during this pandemic.” 


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